Lindsay Graham flip-flops again as he faces tough re-election bid

Linday Graham, the Republican Senator from South Carolina, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and fervent supporter of Donald Trump has once again broken from Trump in recent days as the prospect of losing his re-election bid looms ever closer.

In 2016, Lindsay Graham appeared on Fox News after a Republican primary debate. Graham was on the program as a Jeb Bush supporter and had no kind words to say about Donald Trump.

"I'm not going to get into the mind of Donald Trump, because I don't think there's a whole lot of space there. I think he's a kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office...He's not (a Republican). He's not a conservative Republican, he's an opportunist...He's not fit to be President of the United States" said Graham at the time.

2017 was a different story, however, as Graham changed his tune and became one of Trumps biggest supporters. Perhaps a round of golf was all it took.

In October 2017 Graham tweeted "Really enjoyed a round of golf with President @realDonaldTrump today."

And in November 2017, in an interview with CNN, Graham expressed his concerns that the media was attempting to label Trump as a kook.

In May, Graham caved to pressure from the Trump administration to subpoena Obama officials over an FBI surveillance warrant for a former staffer of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

As the Coronavirus pandemic started to take hold, Graham towed the Trump line that the virus was just a "flu", and then later lauded Trump as a "wartime president" on the president's favorite morning show, "Fox & Friends."

In April, Graham told Fox News' Martha MacCallum that he would consider Trump's performance a success if COVID-19 deaths stayed under the 50,000 mark. At that time, there were approximately 10,000 dead in the U.S. Graham then upped his acceptable limit, once the virus really took off, from 50,000 to anywhere under 100,000.

In May, the Graham backed Trump, stating that the economic crash wasn't a reflection of Trump's failures, but Trump's noble prioritization of human lives. Graham, an ardent anti-abortionist coyly attributed this to what he called Trump's "pro-life" stance in a May 5 appearance on "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins." Graham again revised his acceptable death toll to 130,000

Come June, however, and his popularity slipping, Graham broke from trump on a number of issues. Graham blocked a Trump U.S. attorney nominee, he criticized Trump’s decision to put a temporary freeze on visas for foreign workers, split with Trump on the issue of face masks and seemed to be the only Republican to press the administration for information about alleged Russian bounties on American soldiers, according to The Slate.

This week, Graham took the side of NASCAR driver Bubba Watson after Trump alleged in a tweet that the noose found in Watson's garage at Talledega was a "Hoax", and called on Watson to apologize.

Graham, speaking to Fox News Radio, said Wallace being upset about the noose “made perfect sense to me.”