Leaked memos show Trump ordered military aid be withheld just two hours after Ukraine call

Newly released memos show the White House ordering the Pentagon to freeze military aid to Ukraine - just two hours after President Donald Trump got off the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The memos are being made public by the Center for Public Integrity, per a court order just before the president is set to have an impeachment trial in the Senate.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Joel Rubin spoke out after the news was released:

“This email makes clear that the White House intentionally violated the law by not notifying Congress about the Ukraine aid hold” because it “states that only those who ‘execute’ the spending — i.e. the Pentagon — are to be made aware of the hold. Not Congress.”

Trump maintained previously that he did nothing wrong and that his call was "absolutely perfect." The entire Trump administration from the president on down has stated time and time again that there was no quid pro quo, or holding of aid.