Kavanaugh Wrongly Claims He Could Legally Drink In High School, Legal Age Was 21, Not 17

Today is a very contentious day in history.

No matter your opinion on the matter, one of Judge Kavanaugh's statements in Thursday's special hearing that featured Dr. Ford and the next potential Supreme Court Nominee of the United States simply didn't meet the fact test.

Kavanaugh has repeatedly stated that he was legally allowed to consume beer as a prep school senior in Maryland. The truth is, it was never legal for him to drink in high school because the state's drinking age increased to 21 at the end of his junior year. He was still only 17.

Note: Kavanaugh didn't turn 18 until Feb. 12, 1983. The legal age in Maryland was raised to 21 on July 1, 1982.

In a Fox News interview on Monday, Kavanaugh said, “Yes, there were parties. And the drinking age was 18. And yes, the seniors were legal.”

We rate that statement as false.

The fact that Kavanaugh told this false statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee and was allowed to get away with it could be that everyone was way more focused on Dr. Ford's sexual assault allegations against the judge. That much is understandable.

But, Kavanaugh talked about drinking beer, and liking beer a lot. He even challenged senators directly on if they liked beer, too, and repeated his claim about it being legal.

“Yes we drank beer, my friends and I, boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. I still like beer,” he said. “The drinking age as I noted was 18, so the seniors were legal. Senior year in high school, people were legal to drink.”