Kavanaugh Told Security To Remove Father Of School Shooting Victim After Ignoring His Handshake

The biggest story of the day was arguably when Trump SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh took a recess break early in the day, and when confronted by Parkland school shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg's father, Fred, Kavanaugh simply refused to shake his hand, turned his back on him, and walked away.

That much was widely televised. The White House tried to say that a security guard intervened, which stopped Kavanaugh from being able to shake the man's hand, but video of the incident disproved that account.

Now - we have more information regarding the incident.

Not only did Kavanaugh not shake Fred Guttenberg's hand, but he is now telling CNN that Kavanaugh asked security to remove Guttenberg from the hearing, and they were able to identify him based on the bracelets he wears to commemorate his daughter.

If that doesn't add some context to the story, nothing will.

Here was the tweet that Fred Guttenberg sent out when the incident first happened:

Guttenberg claims that after he tried to shake the judge's hand, security took him outside and made him show them his drivers license and interrogated him about it, as to whether he should be there or not, even though he had the required guest badge.

This latest bit of information about the whole ordeal just further proves that we can't trust anything this White House puts out. Brett Kavanaugh appears on the surface to be a pretty credible guy, and a family man at that, but for some reason - at least this is what the facts show right now - Kavanaugh not only didn't feel comfortable shaking Mr. Guttenberg's hand, but he wanted him removed from the proceedings.

More on that: Guttenberg was accused by the right of being a planted troll, but Guttenberg was invited by Senator Diane Feinstein's office. That's why he was able to get so close to Kavanauagh. He was at the hearing like every other invited guest.