Kavanaugh Schoolmate Claims He's Lying About Being A Virgin: He Told Me Differently

One of Judge Kavanaugh's schoolmates at Yale claims that the next potential Supreme Court Justice of The United States was flat-out lying on Monday night when he told the nation he was a virgin for "many, many years after college."

Steve Kantrowitz says he had a conversation with Kavanaugh about him having a "bad experience with intercourse" in the Lawrence Hall at Yale University when the two were still freshman, just one year after high school.

Here's the thing about Kantrowitz: he has no reason to lie about his conversation with Kavanaugh. He's also a Vilas Distinguished Professor of History and is receiving no benefit whatsoever for speaking out.

While he doesn't have any evidence of the three accusers claims about Kavanaugh, he at least knows that he isn't being entirely truthful in his defense, when he said he was a virgin. If that part isn't true, what else is Kavanaugh lying about? That's the point here.

Kavanaugh has not yet responded to Kantrowitz's claim yet, but we suspect he's not going to go back on what he said on Fox News. If he did, he'd be admitting that he lied to the world.

In related news: Michael Avenatti, who is representing a third accuser of Kavanaugh's, says that they might even pursue criminal charges against the potential judge, which changes things entirely.

Avenatti claims they have "credible evidence" and are talking to the FBI about what they have in their possession.