Kavanaugh: I Didn't Get Laid For Many Years Until After College, No Way I Could Have Done It

Judge Kavanaugh says in a new interview with Fox News on Monday night that not only did he not sexually assault multiple women accusing him of doing so, but that he was a virgin for a very long time.

He was asked specifically when he first had intercourse with a woman but he simply said, "not until many, many years" after college.

If Kavanaugh truly was a virgin for that long, we don't blame him for wanting to stay silent about that.

The only thing, though: Kavanuagh isn't being accused of rape. He's accused of attempted rape and lewd sexual acts.

Still - he says - "I'm a virgin," and "I'm innocent."

The full interview which aired for the first time just minutes ago is Kavanaugh's first chance to speak out in person to the accusations that have taken Washington by storm over the past several days.

The Senate Judiciary Committee says they will hear one of his accusers out, Dr. Ford, on Thursday, but that after that Republicans will immediately hold an up or down vote, hoping to force through Kavanuagh's confirmation without delay.

Democrats are saying there should at least be an F.B.I. investigation. Senator Chuck Schumer: If McConnell thinks the claims against Kavanaugh are baseless, then he would be calling for such an investigation, but he is not.

Kavanaugh was asked if he was going to withdraw his own nomination and retorted: "I'm not going anywhere." He tried hard to fight back the tears when speaking about women he knew when he was 14,

Kavanaugh's wife says she feels "badly for her," meaning Dr. Ford, even though Kavanaugh and Republicans claim that what she's saying is not true. That's a nice way of calling her a liar.