Trudeau gets asked why he admits so many immigrants. Trump should listen to his response (VIDEO)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked at a recent town hall why his country admitted so many immigrants, especially Muslims, by a man who claimed that all they want to do is "kill us."

When people in the crowd started to boo at his earlier comments about Islam and Christianity not being able to co-exist together, Trudeau stopped them.

"Hang on, (folks). Democracy only works in a country like Canada if people are free to express their fears and their opinions and we get the opportunity to respond to them. So I'm going to ask all of you to be respectful of the speaker's question."

That's when Trudeau gave his answer and it was a good one.

President Trump should take notes.

Here is what he said before the crowd after taking a moment to internalize his thoughts:

"Canada is a country that was built by immigration. Waves of people came to this country who were welcomed by folks who lived here for millennia. They built this society with waves of people fleeing religious prosecution, fleeing tyranny, fleeing to build a better life for themselves here than they had back home. And, whether it's folks fleeing from world wars or folks fleeing from civil wars, these people always want the same thing: to be able to live in peace, to raise their families, and create a better future for themselves and their communities. And that is what generations upon generations of folks have done here in Canada. And that is what has created this extraordinarily diverse society that we have."

Last year, Canada welcomed more than 300,000 permanent residents and plans on adding more than 1 million immigrants through 2021.

Go ahead and listen to his entire response below: