John Kelly to resign after Trump's outburst, not speaking to him, talking to Mueller instead

President Donald Trump is no longer on speaking terms with his Chief of Staff General John Kelly and is expected to resign soon according to two sources within the West Wing, confirms CNN.

Considering Trump asked Kelly to stay on with him for two more years, it's possible that Kelly is the one deciding to no longer speak with his boss.

Axios first reported the shake up. They believe Nick Ayers, chief of staff to Vice President Pence, will replace him.

Some more info on this: It was also reported by CNN that Kelly was speaking to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and answered a number of his questions in special interviews. That had to have angered his boss, too.

Trump went off on another Twitter storm this morning before the news was announced. He appears to be gearing up for a major war with Mueller and claims he will release his own "counter report."

As far as the Mueller probe, Kelly was asked specifically about Trump's alleged obstruction of justice, and "Kelly's recollection of an episode that took place after new reporting emerged about how the President had tried to fire Mueller."

That's all we pretty much have right now. We don't have any more details but expect Kelly's resignation to be imminent.

The two have had a rocky relationship in the past, and that has been widely reported. According to CNN's sources, their relationship is now virtually beyond repair and that things have never been this bad.