WATCH: New Attorney General Defends Trump Jr. Meeting With Russians For 'Dirt' (VIDEO)

If you wanted a clear reason why President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and put in his place, at least for now, Matthew G. Whitaker, all you need to do is see this video clip.

Just a little bit more than one year ago, Whitaker appeared on CNN and defended Donald Trump Jr.'s decision to meet with the Russians in Trump Tower. Yes, he was very vocal about it.

As you know, Whitaker has assumed oversight of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. He's the boss now at the Justice Department, and as such, he will have extraordinary influence over the Russian probe.

Media reports indicated that Mueller was close to releasing his final report sometime between after the midterm elections and the end of November. Trump wasted no time firing Sessions, waiting less than 24 hours after the election results to install Whitaker as the new head.

Several think this won't help Trump, at all. They think this just adds to it.

Even still, Trump made a calculated move because now he knows that Republicans will hold the Senate. He had no proof of this before the November 6th. While Republicans didn't hold the House, the Senate is the chamber responsible for convicting or acquitting a president, and now Trump has nothing to worry about. Chalk obstruction of justice up to politics as usual.