Jimmy Carter to Trump on impeachment: ‘My advice is to tell the truth… for a change’ (VIDEO)

Former President Jimmy Carter spoke with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell from a Habitat for Humanity build site on Tuesday where he is still going at it helping the community despite falling and getting a black-eye, needing 14 stitches.

Carter was asked if he thinks the House impeachment inquiry is a "good thing" or not.

“I think it still remains to be seen,” Carter replied. “Depending on what’s revealed in an inquiry. I’m a Democrat so I feel pretty much like the Democratic Party does, as you probably know.”

"I'm very glad that the Speaker of the House has ordained that the investigation go forward," he said.

“Any advice for President Trump going through this?” MSNBC host Andrew Mitchell asked Carter.

“My advice to him would be to tell the truth I think for a change,” Carter said, “and also to cut back on his Twitter feeds and give the House of Representatives and also the Senate and I say the general public the evidence that we need to form a case either for or against him.”

Carter says that he believes Trump can still be impeached if everything comes together the right way: "If facts reveal an increasing number of things that he has actually done — then of course impeachment is possible, and removal from office is possible."

He also thinks the White House blocking testimony from officials is a bad precedent to set: "I think that's a departure from custom, and a departure from what American people expect," he said. "And I think that's one of the main things that Americans are now considering, is the fact that the White House is trying to stonewall and not provide adequate information."