Ivanka Trump's Business Wins Chinese Trademarks On Same Day Trump Lifted Sanctions On China

Ivanka Trump's business received approval for three additional Chinese trademarks on June 7, according to records reviewed by CREW, a citizen's watchdog group.

On that same date, President Trump agreed to lift sanctions  against Chinese telecommunications company ZTE.

Was there Quid Pro Quo? It certainly looks fishy. 

Why? Well Ivanka applied for the trademarks in July of 2016, before Trump was president. The question is, why is she just now receiving approval? The likely answer is politics, which Ivanka is deeply enmeshed in.

Currently, the U.S. Senate is fighting President Trump's move. They are planning on including a measure in the annual defense bill that would get rid of Trump's pledge to lift certain restrictions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE according to the Washington Post.

Several Republican Senators are saying that ZTE products will endanger national security and could be used by the Chinese for espionage and spying.

"It’s only prudent that no one in the federal government use their equipment or services and that they receive no taxpayer dollars,” said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). "Given their repeated violations of U.S. law, we cannot trust them to respect U.S. national security, and so it’s vital we hold them accountable and pass this amendment.”

Let's look at this a bit more in-depth: Ivanka received "registration" approval for five trademarks back in early May, about a month before this latest Trump deal. These trademarks were applied for at a different date than the newest ones.

In March of 2017, Ivanka wanted trademark rights on goods for bath mats, textiles, and baby blankets.

That doesn't appear fishy, does it? China was already granting approval for a number of things for Ivanka. But, you have to go back to that week of May and look at China-U.S. announcements. Again, ZTE comes up.

Trump pledged he would save ZTE jobs, a major favor for the Chinese.

The best way to payback Trump in kind would be to grant Ivanka Trump approval for her trademarks. That's what it looks like.

CREW makes another good point in their allegation:

"About 72 hours before (Trump's) announcement, the Chinese government also agreed to a project in Indonesia in which the Trump Organization is a partner."
Ivanka's defense to all of this is that she has stepped down from her role at her business and placed it in a trust, but she still received profits from the business.

Plus, you can't ignore her role in all of this and her proximity to trade negotiations with China. The best case in point was when President Xi Jinping dined at Mar-a-Lago last year with Ivanka and she won preliminary approval for three trademarks that same day. This brings this months news more clarity.  History ends up repeating itself.