It's pouring rain at Trump's 4th of July parade...turnout so far looks pretty low (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump wanted this 4th of July parade to be his biggest hit yet. Mother nature had other plans.

He's so far talked about jets flying overhead, and tanks on display at the national mall, causing outrage that he cares more about making himself look big and superior than actually celebrating Independence Day.

Trump's parade has yet to begin at the time of this writing, but so far it is getting off to a really bad start.

Rain is pouring down, forcing the people who actually decided to attend to take cover under umbrellas. Basically - it doesn't look like any fun, at all.

Right now, as it stands, Trump is due to give a campaign speech in front of the crowd and there's no end in sight as to when the rain will stop. Trump may be forced to delay the speech if things don't improve.

There's no telling how many people will stick around for the speech if this continues.

You can see people covering themselves in plastic bags.

A lot of people are deciding to take cover under trees, which won't be good if lightning strikes. There's only so many trees to go around, too. They won't protect a large crowd, which Trump predicted.

Here's a good view of everyone standing around alongside the national mall, alongside the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

This is what you call rain, rain, rain.

Official turnout numbers haven't come in yet, but expect lower numbers than what would have happened if it were a nice sunny day out.