Internal email from Secret Service undermines Trump's claim and paints him as an even bigger liar

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) has obtained records and internal emails that undermine President Trump's claim that the Secret Service wanted the Trump Doral resort to be the place of the next G-7 Summit.

Instead, it looks like the Secret Service was wary of using the location in the first place: “the property does present some challenges,” one email reads.

Doral wasn't even among the last 4 finalists of the G-7 Summit before Trump announced it was the winner. He, of course, backed away from this conclusion after tremendous heat from Democrats who likely would have brought it up in their impeachment inquiry against him.

Notice where it says "added Miami on the back end." That's where Trump's resort is located and it suggests it was added at the last minute, perhaps by the president who requested they take a look. That's when the Secret Service put specific analysis only for this site. They concluded by saying that a report of the entire trip will be presented to Trump.


All of this paints Trump as a liar. Trump made it seem in his public remarks that the Doral location was necessary, not because it was his property, and he profits from it, but because the Secret Service needed a safe location, one that could accommodate world leaders from all around the globe.

Trump says this is nothing about profit, and in fact, he'd have much more money if he weren't president.

"My people wanted it," he said.

Critics contend that Trump only wanted Doral beause “they are severely underperforming” other resorts in the area. That, and the property is losing money.

Of course Trump is preferential to his own property, but at least we know that this wasn't because the Secret Service requested it.