ICU units are at 100% capacity: Any more patients can't be treated says Atlanta mayor

The Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, has just confirmed that all of the cities ICU units are at 100% capacity, according to CBS's Shon Gables and Senior Executive Producer Phil Landeros. Any more patients that need critical care in the ICU specifically won't be able to get it.

Less than 24 hours ago, the mayor signed a 14-day Stay at Home Order for all its residents.

"Flattening the curve" hasn't worked yet. The daily death-rate in the U.S. increased on Monday to 140, from 111 the day prior.

As we've been hearing for days now from health experts from around the world, one of the biggest disasters of the fast spread of the coronavirus is not having enough medical resources for everyone at the same time. That means - if you can't breath and you need a ventilator at a hospital - you can't get one. If that's the case, you'll have more deaths than you would have had with a slow virus growth.

Doctors are literally determining who gets to live and who gets to die due to scarcity.

Italy is two weeks ahead of the United States in terms of the growth, and their death-rate is around 600 per day. Keep in mind: The U.S. has a population that is five times larger.

So far, this is just one city mayor, but this affects nearly 4.6 million people in the area. What's even worse, Atlanta's current situation is the fear of every city in the United States right now.

New York is the biggest disaster zone for Covid-19 and it is doing everything to expand its capacity. Governor Andrew Cuomo is waiving all rules in order to make this happen and is encouraging hospital leaders to get creative:

"NY is doing everything we can to expand hospital capacity.  We are asking all NY's hospitals to increase capacity by 100%—regulations have been waived.  We are ordering that every hospital MUST increase capacity by at least 50%.  Every hospital must do its part to expand capacity."

In the meantime, President Donald Trump and his administration, are discussing the possibility of dropping social distancing because it is hurting the economy too much. During his latest address to the nation, he downplayed coronavirus by saying again that it is just like the flu.

This rhetoric is going to blow up in his face and his reelection chances when more people start dying.

Last time we checked, the flu wasn't overburdening our nation's hospitals.