Iceland's Prime Minister: Sorry, Mike Pence but I won't be here when you visit

Iceland Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir is now saying that she won't be available when Vice President Pence visits the country next month.

She confirmed the news through the RUV outlet, which is weird because foreign visits are typically planned in advance. Pence and his team at the White House surely wouldn't have arranged for the trip if the Prime Minister hadn't already confirmed, right?

Her reason for not being there? She is simply too booked to see the Vice President.

“The fact is that I was very long ago asked to give the keynote speech at the annual conference of the Nordic trades unions movement and, as everybody knows, I have made workplace matters a personal issue. It is also a fact that this visit that was organised by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has been bouncing a lot around the calendar so that it has been very difficult to organise oneself around it,” Katrín said.

When Pence arrives on September 4th, he will instead be meeting with other leaders in the country.

While she may have other matters to attend to, head of state's always do. That never changes. What's really going on here is that Mike Pence stands on the complete opposite side of the political spectrum as the Prime Minister.

She's a feminist, a member of the country's Green Party, supports abortion and LGBT rights. Mike Pence is none of those things. He's also part of the Trump administration and the world is increasingly getting anxious for next year's election which could bring a change to normalcy again in world affairs.

She still is downplaying playing hookie, despite all those things.

“Absolutely not,” she told RUV. “I had a good meeting with Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, earlier this year and also had a discussion with Donald Trump at the NATO meeting last year. I can promise everyone that when Mike Pence comes here — and I am working on the assumption that the date is now firm — that he will meet a top-ranking team of Icelandic leaders.”