Houston's police chief gives passionate speech against racism: "We built this country!" (VIDEO)

Art Acevedo, The Chief of Police in Houston, the fourth largest city in America, was seen standing neck and neck with protesters on Sunday.

He was riled up and gave a passionate speech against racism in the name of George Floyd, and all the people like President Trump who have continuously called people "thugs" and "bums."

Here was his message to the haters: "You know, what? We built this country! And, I got news for them - we ain't going nowhere! We aren't going nowhere! The ship has sailed!"

Everyone in the audience loved it. The video is also going viral across social media channels on a day when the nation is desperately seeking healing.

He went on with his message: "If you got hate in your heart for people of color, get over it! Because this city is a minority-majority city. And, this city is the city where blacks, and whites, and browns, and legal and illegal, all get together. We judge each other by the content of our hearts."

He said the reason he was so angry is because he's tired of innocent people getting hurt. He described the situation of a "little old lady" getting caught in the cross hairs of a traumatic situation and he had to witness it.

"I may not be black, but I'm God's child!"

"When I saw that man (George Floyd) call out for his mama, I thought it was my mama."

Chief Acevedo then explained that damaging the city was going to do no good for minorities in the community.

He wasn't just posturing for one speech or publicity, either. He has been seen in the community for days now, including marching in the streets alongside Black Lives Matter protests.