House Intel Congressman: Trump is going to be indicted

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., of the House Intel Committee, says he thinks that indictments are waiting for President Donald Trump, based on the information that he knows.

At this point, it's unclear if Congressman Swalwell knows what is in the Mueller report, said to be released soon, but he went on MSNBC's Morning Joe and made the statement when asked about the investigation.

"I do believe there are indictments waiting for this president."

He elaborated further: "Yes, I believe Trump colluded with the Russians. Trump knew they were seeking to help him and he went out as a candidate and invited them to hack more."

"He did not tell his family not to take any of these meetings. Was told by Roger Stone that Wikileaks, a Russian cutout, was going to be putting out damaging materials to damage his opponent, and he went on the stage and said "I love Wikileaks." So this is circumstantial evidence which in a court of law can be used as direct evidence. So, yes, he colluded. That's not a hard question to answer at all."

Swalwell says that even though Trump and his administration will try to put Mueller's report under wraps, he is confident the public will see it.

"I say this with confidence, because for two years, we went to the streets, we went to the town squares, we marched on the ballot box. The American people gave us the power to see that report. So the president is outnumbered. He has a Congress that has voted 420-0 that they want to see that report."