Highest-ranking Republican calls it the "Chinese coronavirus" in disgraceful move

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the House of Representatives, is now referring to the coronavirus as the "Chinese coronavirus."

Senator Kamala Harris, and others, immediately pounced on the rhetoric:

"Calling it the "Chinese coronavirus" isn't just racist, it's dangerous and incites discrimination against Asian Americans and Asian immigrants.  GOP Leader, delete this tweet―now. It's beneath the office of a member of Congress, let alone a party leader."

He's not the only Republican to do this. This appears to be a normal thing for conservative media commentators like Fox News' Tucker Carlson. Not even 24 hours ago, he was also touting it as the "Chinese coronavirus."

"We must remain calm but not complacent about the Chinese Coronavirus. We addressed it on tonight’s show. We hope you’ll watch if you missed it." he wrote to his followers on Monday night.

Health policy advocate Esther Choo gave some insightful words to address the rising fears being experienced by people:

"Please help combat xenophobia:
1. Don't call COVID-19 "Chinesecoronavirus" or the "Wuhan virus"
2. Don't shun Asian people or businesses
3. Call out racism in the media when you see it (stories on COVID do not need to have a photo of an Asian person, tyvm)"

The fears are so illogical that Chinese food orders in the U.S. have plummeted dramatically. Comments from our nation's leaders and influencers only add to the hysteria.

Take this guy, Benny, for instance, who spends all his time riling up Republicans with anti-liberal garbage. Apparently this is all just one big joke. He's also calling it the "Chinese coronavirus."

We need to stop playing politics with this. It's not called the Chinese coronavirus. It has a name: COVID-19, if you're being accurate.