Here's the secret Trump/Michael Cohen audio recording (VIDEO)

Michael Cohen is going to prison for three years for his role in trying to cover-up Trump's hush-money payoffs to President Trump mistresses, we learned today at his sentencing.

Trump's friend David Pecker, it's also reported, has signed a non-prosecution agreement with authorities and corroborates  that he and the National Enquirer that he owns worked "in concert with" the Trump campaign in order to influence the 2016 presidential election.

For months, Trump has denied any involvement. In addition to the two witnesses, all in Trump's inner-circle, here's the secret audio recording that CNN obtained of their conversations.

You can hear Cohen on the tape telling Trump that he "needs to open a company" for the transfer of the funds to his mistresses.

Trump commented on the issue many times on the tape, even hilariously yelling out at one point that someone "get me a Coke, please!" The Washington Post annotated the transcript for the hearing impaired.

Trump is trying to claim his innocence by saying that since Cohen was his lawyer, he assumed everything would be legal. Trump neglected to take responsibility for lying to the American people directly about it, though, and that has been proven without doubt. He is avoiding that topic now.

A reporter asked him on Air Force One in April of this year: "Mr. President, did you know about the payoff to Stormy Daniels?"

Trump looks right at her. "No. No."

When she followed up with, "Well, why did Michael Cohen make that payment? Trump replied: "You'll have to ask Michael Cohen."