Room erupts in applause after congresswoman hits back at GOP: "POTUS has 5 pinnochios a day" (VIDEO)

The impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump are now on day four, and we just witnessed the single best moment of the hearings thus far.

Representative Jackie Speier, of California's 14th congressional district, hit back at Republicans who were pressuring her to stop talking.

GOP: Will the gentle lady yield? Will you yield?

Speier: "No, I'm afraid I only have three minutes and I have some other issues, but thank you."

Speier then went on to read from an article but was interrupted.

GOP: The article does go beyond that and say '3 pinnochios' in spite of that conversation.

She thought about this for a slight moment and then let it rip.

Here's Speier's response: "Well President Trump has 5 pinnochios on a daily basis, so let's not go there."

The room then burst into a very long applause, a rare moment in Congress during tense hearings.

You just have to watch it to fully appreciate it.

If "5 pinocchios" doesn't trend online after this great moment, then nothing deserves to trend. Our hats off to Mrs. Speier!

Here is video of the comments she was making just beforehand.