Head of Marines leaks memos, retaliates against Trump

Trump's attempts to waste military funds on his racist border wall while service families live in sub-standard housing led the head of the Marines to allow internal memos damaging to Trump to be leaked.

Newsweek reports from two Pentagon sources that Gen. Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps, made the decision to leak the documents to national news outlets.

The memos — sent to the L.A. Times and NBC News — highlighted financial strains that the armed services are facing at the same time Trump has continued to push to waste money for his wall.

"He didn't want the Marines and families at Camp Lejeune to get fucked," a source from inside the Department of Defense told the outlet.

Hundreds of buildings at Camp Lejeune are still damaged, with caved-in walls and missing roofs that were caused by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. The Corps has said they need $3.6 billion to make the repairs.

Instead of prioritizing these conditions, Trump has been trying to siphon off billions from the Pentagon to waste on his wall. Trump has had to concoct oddball attempts to get the funds because Democrats have refused to give in to his racist demands.

Neller reportedly let the documents come out because he wanted to highlight Trump's upside-down priorities in hopes that he would do the right thing for the military.

Trump is still obsessed with the wall and has a planned excursion to visit the border to see a plaque hailing him for building a wall, even though it is just an old fence that has been refurbished.

Trump has often targeted the military, denigrating service members and veterans, while trying to cut their benefits despite years of patriotic service.

He is so obsessed with his wall that he is more than willing to tolerate and support cutting off funding for military training or refurbishing their quarters. Neller chose to call out Trump because Trump won't do what's right for the armed forces he commands.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Oliver Willis.