Lindsey Graham opening investigation into Trump - will speak directly to Secretary Mattis

Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the right's heroes after the Kavanaugh hearings, is at odds now with President Donald Trump.

After speaking out publicly against Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan, Senator Graham is now calling for immediate U.S. Senate hearings that prompted the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Reuters is reporting.

Graham, a very influential member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told reporters that he wanted to hear directly from Mattis at the hearing, too. That could be problematic, because there's no telling what Mattis could say to damage President Trump's reputation any further.

What we do know is: Mattis's resignation letter was rather brutal. While it's tone and style was meant to sound respectful, Mattis basically told Trump that he thought the president was making the wrong decision for the nation and was hurting our American allies while strengthening our enemies.

Here's Lindsey Graham speaking on the floor of the Senate yesterday: "This is a stain on the honor of the United States."

Here's the part where Senator Graham says that the Congress has the duty to stick up to Trump. Those are strong words.

"To the president, you won the election, you beat me and many others, you have the right to make this decision, but the Congress has the duty to hold you accountable."

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell released a statement of his own saying that the president needed to find a replacement that shared Mattis's beliefs. That was a sharp rebuke of the president, no question.

Senator Graham is also planning on challenging President Trump's assertion that ISIS has been defeated in the region.

β€œI dare anybody to say that ISIS-K is defeated in Afghanistan,” Graham said.

The group β€œis a bigger threat this year than they were last year. It is clear to me that ISIS-K is plotting to hit America,” Graham said.

The Defense Department inspector general report claims that there might still be as many as 30,000 members of ISIS still there. Trump says they are gone, though.

So, what report is the President referring to? Nobody knows.