GOP Rep. Jim Jordan Just Got Into A Hissy Fit But It Instantly Backfired On Him

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan, the founder of the very influential House Freedom Caucus, and accused by eight former wrestlers of his of knowing about abuse at Ohio State, is lashing out at CNN.

He called them "Fake News" and said "how can you ever trust" them?" He was mad about the news network contacting over 100 former staff and interns to ask questions about the GOP Congressman.

People immediately started to question what was wrong with a news network trying to find out more facts, or "dirt" as Congressman Jordan would call it.

Amanda Terkel had the best response:

"If they were fake news, they'd just write some shit without calling anyone."

And, the tirade goes on....

We can understand Rep. Jordan not liking CNN contacting his former associates, but there is a difference between reporting and bad journalism.

Rep. Jordan is defending himself by saying that there is a difference between "locker room talk" and legitimate concerns over abuse. He says there is a major distinction between the two, but when it comes to CNN, he doesn't seem to see the gap, and how hypocritical that is.

The former wrestlers went on the record with their statements and say that the abuse occurred between 1986 and 1994. Jordan says if there were reports of abuse besides "locker room talk," he himself would have reported it.

Jordan says that the timing of all this is "very interesting," and that it could be a play from the left to derail a possible Speaker of the House position.

The alleged victims, several of whom are Republican and still consider him a friend, say that it is "very hurtful" for him to call them liars. They say the reality is that Jim Jordan knew what was going on and he chose to look the other way.