GOP Congressman: It's only a crime if you get caught

Republican member of Congress Matt Gaetz, who has been referred to as "The Trumpiest Congressman in Trump's Washington" by GQ magazine, thinks it's only a crime if you get caught.

Gaetz took to his Twitter channel recently to say that he thinks Trump should pardon former campaign manager Paul Manafort for his crimes.

He says Manafort wouldn't have been criminally investigated if it weren't for his connection to Trump, so therefore, the crimes need to be forgotten.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy who has said repeatedly that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should be fired.

"Congress has an obligation to expose this bias, to expose what I believe is a corrupt investigation, and I call on my Republican colleagues to join me in calling for the firing of Bob Mueller," Gaetz said around this same time last year while appearing on CNN.

Maybe, Gaetz just has a soft spot for convicted Republicans. He was, after all, arrested himself ten years ago for a DUI while leaving a club bloodshot drunk the night before Halloween. His dad was a state senator at the time. While that particular case was eventually dropped (thanks dad), in total he has been cited for at least 16 other driving violations.

Matt Gaetz in 2008. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office via Tampa Bay Times.

On the flip side, other prominent Republicans are warning against a pardon. Senator Marco Rubio says it would be a "terrible mistake" for Manafort to be let go so easily, and that it doesn't "pass the smell test."

Rubio thinks it could even "trigger a debate about whether pardon powers should be amended." That would result in a significant change to the constitution.

Right now, Mueller hasn't released his full report yet, but prosecutors are already alleging that Trump is personally on the hook for committing at least two felonies. That was the big news on Friday night. We will see what else happens in this entire saga over the coming weeks.