GOP congressman gets laughed at for making up ridiculous lie about Mueller report (VIDEO)

Apparently Rep. Jim Jordan can see the future.

The Ohio Republican and Trump crony — who has gone to great lengths to distort and distract from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation — claimed on Wednesday that the Mueller report "wasn't what the Democrats thought it was going to be" and that Mueller's report shows "no obstruction."

Of course, no one in Congress — including Jordan himself — has actually seen the Mueller report. Just a bogus, four-page summary from Attorney General William Barr, who is sitting on the report rather than giving it to Congress.

And even more than that, Barr's summary explicitly states that the report does not exonerate Trump of obstruction. Barr himself came to that conclusion, without letting anyone in Congress see the underlying evidence.

That didn't stop Jordan — who himself faces an investigation into a possible cover-up of sex abuse on the Ohio State University wrestling team, on which Jordan served as a coach — from making baseless claims about what the report supposedly says. But when asked if he had actually seen it, he admitted that he had not. And the room burst into laughter at his admission.

Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) asked Jordan how he could make such claims when he had not seen the report.

"You reported that the report states that there's no obstruction, what's your basis for saying that?" Cicilline asked Jordan.

Jordan then stuttered before responding.

"The-th-th, the did the sentence where they said he did not find obstruction," Jordan said, pointing to Barr's conclusion rather than Mueller's. "I understand the sentence you're referring to where it talks about no exoneration either ..."

The crowd in the hearing room laughed again.

A little advice to Jordan: Keep your powder dry until the public sees the full report, or else risk being laughed at even harder.

Published with permission of The American Independent. Attribution: Emily Singer.