GOP Chairman Gets Called Out For Not Introducing Dr. Ford At Hearing, Then Interrupts Her

Just moments after Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley gave his opening speech at today's hearings with Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh - Senator Diane Feinstein calls him out for not introducing her.

Not to be outdone by the head female on the Judiciary Committee, Senator Grassley interrupts her during her speaking time, apparently indignant that he was accused of not properly introducing the witness before the committee, which actually he didn't do.

Here was the excuse he offered:

"I was going to introduce her, I would be glad to have you do that. But, I want you to know I didn't forget to do that."

For the record - his entire opening remarks were political and geared towards making it seem like Kavanaugh was a victim, too. If he did plan on introducing Dr. Ford, he certainly didn't make it that obvious. He barely looked at Dr. Ford.

Grassley later scolded Feinstein: "I'm sorry you brought up the unsubstantiated allegations of other people."

This hearing is currently ongoing and we will be providing updates.