Giuliani: The president doesn't have to tell America the truth, he's 'not under oath' yet

Rudy Giuliani just appeared on ABC to speak with George Stephanopoulos and is now saying that President Trump doesn't have to tell the American public the truth because he's 'not under oath' yet.

Those were his words.

It's not like Giuliani went on the show to make such an absurd statement, though. He ended up coming out with it after trying to accuse Cohen for changing his story "4 or 5 times." That kind of backfired on him.

Stepanopoulos reminded Giuliani "so has the president."

It's true that Trump isn't under oath by a special prosecutor giving a deposition, but that's not a good reason for lying to the American public. At least, don't say that on national television.

Giuliani tried to shy away from the statement by saying that maybe Trump just doesn't remember everything fully, but that also doesn't make any sense since Trump has flat-out denied knowledge of the hush-money payments Cohen made even though there are audio recordings made behind the scene that prove he coordinated it with Cohen beforehand.

Trump's friend David Pecker, who owns the National Enquirer even said he worked in tandem with Trump to cover-up another affair with Karen McDougal in order to not hurt his campaign. He's also currently working with prosecutors right now. Expect that to come out soon with Mueller's final report.

Speaking of which - Giuliani's statement about not being under oath also isn't entirely correct. When you become president and are sworn into office you raise your right hand in front of the entire country and swear that you will "faithfully execute" the Office of the Presidency.

Telling the press a lie may not be illegal, but lying to the American public so outrageously should be considered against the oath of office, and an impeachable offense in itself.