Giuliani caught having lunch with his Ukraine pals just hours before they were arrested trying to flee

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, the two men who were just arrested by federal authorities, were seen having lunch with Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, at the Trump International Hotel on Wednesday.

One of those men was due to testify in front of House committees on Thursday, and shortly after their lunch, they tried to book a flight out of the country at Dulles Airport. That's when the authorities grabbed them.

NOTE: Authorities say they were one-way plane tickets.

The two men were trying to help Giuliani dig up dirt on the Biden family but not only that, they're also accused of trying to funnel foreign money into U.S. elections to influence the 2020 race, while disguising where it came from.

They are due to appear in federal court in Virginia on Thursday. Right now they're being charged on four counts: conspiracy, falsification of records and lying to the Federal Election Commission.

This looks really bad for Rudy Giuliani and President Trump. The House issued subpoenas to Mr. Parnas and Mr. Fruman on Wednesday and if it becomes known that Giuliani or the Trump administration advised them to take that flight out of town, then that's even more evidence against President Trump in an impeachment trial.

Trump and his son, Trump Jr., even had lunch with the two men themselves last year on two separate occasions shortly before the pair donated to the pro-Trump super PAC.

The good news is: They aren't going anywhere now. They're in federal custody. They could still be forced to testify but we'll assume they'll just plead the fifth.

There's still so much more that needs to be found out about this, but Giuliani and the White House isn't cooperating with Congress.