Germany's Angela Merkel makes a loud snort after Trump says "I have German in my blood"(VIDEO)

President Donald Trump and Germany's Angela Merkel had some weird tension going on between them at the G7 Summit. And Merkel couldn't help but laugh at Trump.

Reporter: Did you invite the president to Berlin and what was his answer?

Merkel: I have done so on "previous occasions."

Trump: "We will be there. Maybe soon. I have German in my blood."

As soon as Trump says this Angela Merkel makes the loudest snort. She just couldn't help herself.

It's clear there is an animosity in the air between them, and the two are trying their best to remain somewhat professional in front of television cameras. Let's just say she doesn't look too thrilled to have Trump for a visit.

Right now there is no timeline for the visit. Trump has yet to visit Germany bilaterally since taking the oath of office in January 2017, even though he's already visited France and the UK two times. He also traveling to Poland for the second time next weekend. Germany is not on his list of places he simply wants to go. And, Merkel knows it.

Merkel gets along much better with former President Barack Obama. Obama calls her a "dear friend" and was just visiting Berlin a few months ago, holding a joint conference in front of an audience of 14,000 in Cologne's Lanxess Arena.

The two spoke about climate change, which Trump denies, and how the current administration is ruining the Paris Climate Agreement.

Maybe Trump is still mad at Merkel for her Harvard University commencement speech in May, too.

There she shot down Trump's trade policies and urged graduates to “tear down walls of ignorance and narrow mindedness.”

Yes, it's best to say that these two are not friends.