Top backers of Bush and Trump launch super PAC to turnout GOP voters for Joe Biden

A new super PAC is launching into the political space, and it's an interesting one. Former top Republican operatives, including ones from Trump and George W. Bush's administrations, are creating a new super PAC that will bring Republican voters across the aisle to vote for Joe Biden.

The new organization will be called the "Right Side PAC." Axios spoke with those involved and learned that they will primarily seek to upend efforts in battleground states like Florida and Pennsylvania, where most of the fight against Trump will need to happen in order for a win to hash out.

Founder Matt Borges, a former chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, says this is an effort specifically designed to take out President Trump, not other Republicans running for office:

"We want to take an opportunity to kind of reset things. And the first way to do that is cut out the cancer and start rebuilding."

"We're not trying to become Democrats.I intend to vote for every other Republican on the ballot. And I expect that there are others like me who aren't looking to leave the party."

Anthony Scaramucci, Trump's communications director for only 10 days, is also involved. He thinks the super PAC is going to be a huge success.

"(I'm) very confident that we can convince a large group of Republican voters that Biden is the right person to vote for if they want to stay true to their principles and to the legacy of the Republican Party."

Getting rid of Trump "will be a very necessary part of the reorganization and the regrowth of the Republican Party," but if he gets back in office "he may set the Republican Party up to be a minority party for a generation," he added.