Farmer rips Trump's trade war: We've lost everything since he took over (VIDEO)

Bob Kuylen, vice president of the North Dakota Farmer’s Union, says that farmers are really hurting right now, and it's all because of President Donald Trump's trade war.

"We lost pretty much all of our markets," he said.

After explaining the economics of farming and how the market just wasn't working under Trump right now, he was asked point blank: So how do you keep going?

"Well, older guys like us, we built up equity all our lives. Most farmers are land rich and cash poor so we'll take out loss loans and go backwards on the land that we paid for.

But, there's a lot of young farmers out there that don't have land equity and I worry about them. They're not going to be able to withstand this. One of our neighbors the other day said it could be a bloodbath as soon as this fall."

Kuylen, said that even though he didn't support Trump in the last election, a lot of people in his community did and they want to stay loyal to Trump. But, he doesn't think that will happen if worse comes to worst.

"If it gets to the point financially where, if its between supporting the president of losing your family farm, this is something we've had in our family for four generations. I know some who have had theirs for five or six generations on the same farm. If they're gonna lose that, I think they're gonna lose their loyalty really fast."