El Paso Fire Dept: Trump isn't telling the truth about his rally. Building only holds 6,500.

President Donald Trump claimed at his El Paso rally on Monday that 69,000 people reserved to be there tonight. He then started telling the crowd that even though the arena only holds 8,000 people, the fire department let him get 10,000 people in.

If true, that would be a huge fire hazard and put lives at risk.

Instead - the El Paso Fire Department fired back via the El Paso Times that nothing the president said was correct.

Per an editor with the paper, we now know that the coliseum only holds 6,500 people and that's exactly how many were allowed in the building.

That means Trump exaggerated his crowd size by more than 50%.

Just earlier in the day while meeting with sheriffs, Trump bragged that his lines were longer than Beto O'Rourke's: He has a "tiny, little line" compared to my rally he said in front of everyone.

While just a white lie on the surface, one still has to wonder, where does Trump make this stuff up, and why? If he is lying about things so little, you can only imagine what else is being made up, which seems to be a lot via reporting in the media.

Trump, in the very same rally, told the crowd two completely different statements.

He said midway through his speech, which kicked off his 2020 presidential campaign, that people should be chanting "finish that wall," instead of "build that wall, because we've built a lot of it" already. But, at the beginning of his rally, he said the wall construction had just begun down in the Rio Grande. So, which is it?

We know that only fencing has been completed thus far, so if Trump is being honest, that means construction began today. But, reports also state that, too, is just fence construction.