Trump Jr. tried to joke about the democratic debate but Comedy Central puts him in his place

President Donald Trump's son, the one unlucky enough to have been named after him, Donald Trump Jr., tried to make a joke involving "comedy" during the 2nd democratic debates on Wednesday night.

In fact, Trump Jr. specifically mentioned Comedy Central about hosting the next round of the debates, because he thinks Democrats are jokes.

Well, he probably shouldn't have done that because that gave Comedy Central a reason to poke their head in Trump Jr.'s Twitter feed and offer up a response.

We can't say their retort wasn't absolutely funny, either, because it was. And, most people on the net tend to think so.

That joke aside, Trump Jr. also got a flurry of heat for it from a host of other people.

This doesn't seem to be discouraging his tweets, though. Trump Jr. loves to Tweet, almost non-stop.

If you examine his Twitter, he spent most of the night attacking former Vice President Joe Biden. That could just be due to current polling numbers showing Biden in the plus 30% range well above the other democratic contenders, or it could be because they view him more of a legitimate threat. Either way, he's spending a lot of time trying to help his dad get re-elected online.