Devin Nunes runs away like a scaredy-cat, but then oddly pulls out his cell phone to record reporter

Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., was at a December fundraiser for Republicans in New York City when Intercept reporter Lee Fang suddenly spotted him.

Fang very politely asked the congressman what his calls with FBI suspect Lev Parnas were about. Instead of answering him for a few moments, Nunes just walked away completely as if answering the question was going to implicate him in some fashion.

When Nunes didn't answer he followed up with: Were you asking (him) about the effort to investigate Hunter Biden?

Nunes continued to walk away so Fang decided to just stop in the middle of the Hotel walkway, giving the congressman space to finally make an escape. Yet, that's not what happened.

Then - oddly and by surprise - Nunes comes back and pulls out his cell phone, rudely holding it up in the reporters face while refusing to answer any questions. To this, all Fang can do is laugh.

The whole incident was just awkward, but it didn't need to be.

Fang didn't get what he wanted but he did thank the congressman, even though his efforts proved unsuccessful.

Nunes could be in some major trouble here. He changed up his story on Sunday while speaking on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" after call records came out proving that Nunes spoke with a phone number belonging to Lev Parnas. He claims he spoke with Parnas wife, not Parnas himself.

He neglected to tell the world this for days.  

“I got a call from a number that was Parnas’ wife,” he said. “I remember talking to someone, and I did what I always do which is that if you don’t know who they are, you put them to staff, and you let staff work with that person.”

We still don't know who that "someone" was on his staff. Could this perhaps be Nunes' legal strategy?

House Intelligence Committee Democrats claim there were multiple calls between Nunes and Parnas and one even showed them being on the phone for eight minutes. That's a long time to not remember.

Parnas' lawyer, Joseph Bondy, has already condemned Nunes for his bad memory.

“Lev remembers what you spoke about,” Bondy tweeted. “You don’t remember?”