Democrats Won Election In Three States That Trump Can't Lose In 2020, His Re-Election In Doubt

Democrats are disappointed that their "blue wave" wasn't as big as they were hoping - except for the fact that they took back the House of Representatives for the first time since 2010.

But, they're forgetting one key thing thing: They picked up wins in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, wins that Trump is going to need in order to be re-elected president. The fact that his party failed to do that in 2018, spells big trouble for number 45.

Even conservative Ben Shapiro recognizes this fact.

Let's take another look at that electoral college map that Trump won back in 2016: Those three states represent 46 electoral votes. You need 270 to win. Trump without those votes would only stand in at 260, 10 less than what is required to be president.

And - he won those states by a very slim margin. Let's not forget that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by millions nationwide. Trump can't afford to give up any margin of victory.

Let's drill down the details: Senator Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin won 54.7% of the vote versus her Republican challenger who only received 45.3%.

In Michigan, Debbie Stabenow defeated Republican John James for the Senate U.S. Senate there - 52.% over 45.9%. That's another big Democratic win that should worry Trump.

And, in Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey beat out Lou Barletta, 55.7% to 42.7%.

This is the biggest story of the night. They weren't nearly as close as Florida, which Republicans were close to losing, another worry for Trump in 2020.

Also - considering that Democrats do now control the House, Trump is effectively a lame duck president. He's not going to be passing through any significant legislation to win over voters. He's also very unlikely to pass any new border wall funding - Democrats will kill any legislation with that in it.

How will Trump win re-election given these numbers? Democrats running for president in 2020 have a lot to look forward to.