Dayton mayor forced to get security detail after Trump's comments, threats

Dayton, Ohio mayor Nan Whaley had to have a security team assigned to her just weeks after a mass shooting ravaged the town.

Apparently, after Trump's comments towards her, threats on her life have been pouring in. MAGA, right?

It was reported by the Dayton Daily News that she had a two-person team around the clock for days, but right now it's unclear how bad the situation still is, or if they still think her life is being threatened.

"We cannot reveal what type of security has been or will be provided,” a police spokesman said.

“This is the most extensive security I’ve ever had,” she said. “They are here for my safety, and if they think it’s important, than I think it’s important." Whaley commented.

Whaley calling Trump a "bully and a coward" must have really upset the Trump crowd. Beyond that, she isn't even sure what she did to offend the president.

“I respected the president and the office of the president, but I strongly want him to do something and the people of Dayton want him to do something, and so it’s my job to say that,” she said.

Here's Whaley reading one of Trump's tweets attacking her.

While police still have yet to unveil the exact threat, Whaley's social media accounts are overflowing with hate mail:

“Get the hell out of this country you disrespectful trash. Treason is death,” reads one message.

“You’ll face Christ one day and I hate to say this but I will have no sympathy for you when you go to hell,” another message reads.

This is really not the reaction that the city of Dayton, or frankly the country needs right now.

A gunman took it upon himself to shoot up a popular nightlife district in the six largest city in Ohio, and fired off 41 rounds in 30 seconds. That unbelievable act of cruelty took out not only his sister but eight other people in such a short amount of time, even with the super fast response from the local police department.

Now Trump country wants to threaten the mayor for disagreeing with their president? And she needs a security detail just to make sure her life isn't in peril? All of it is just so wrong and backwards.