Coronavirus round table discussion turns immediately to Trump love fest (VIDEO)

C-Span aired a White House round table discussion on Tuesday, with students, parents, teachers and medical professionals to discuss efforts to reopen schools in the fall amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Trump opened the discussion by saying, "Why don't we go around the room quickly, we'll go quickly, and get everybody to say a few words." Trump then kicked things off with the Governor of Missouri, Mike Parsons.

Parsons started off the introductions by heaping praise on Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for all the work they've done while in office.

"I'm just honored and humbled to be here, sitting with you, the Vice President, The First Lady, and the Second Lady. Those dreams you think about some day, and never imagined them bein' reality, but here we are. So it's an honor to be here today." Parsons opened with.

Parsons then continued, "Let me first start off by saying thanks to the President, the Vice President, for what they've done over the last, well, since they've been in office to say the least, but over the last 17, 18 weeks, they've been on the phone...and the one thing they stressed in those phone calls, every day, every week, they're trying to do the best thing for this country...and they're trying to make their full support to the Governors across this state."

This comes in stark contrast to what President Trump himself said on Tuesday, however. Trump told the attendees to the round table “We’re very much going to put pressure on the governors and the schools to reopen. Open your schools in the fall.”