Congresswoman holds CDC Director's feet to the fire, gets him to commit to free testing for all Americans (VIDEO)

Representative Katie Porter (D-CA) is making a splash in Congress on Thursday.

During the House's hearing on the coronavirus response, she convinced the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to commit to making COVID-19 testing free for all Americans.

It was great to watch!

So far, the Trump administration has been slow at rolling out testing kits, and the price hasn't been too affordable for all.

She got CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield to admit that he had the power to authorize payment for the treatment and care of individuals “subject to exam and quarantine, isolation and conditional release.”

“That I know about,” he said. “My office did tell me about that.”

“So you’re familiar,” Porter responded. “Dr. Redfield, will you commit to the CDC right now using that existing authority to pay for diagnostic testing for each and every American regardless of insurance?”

This made him pretty uncomfortable but she continued to grill him after he said he would do “everything to make sure everyone” gets care.

“Dr. Redfield, I hope that answer weighs heavily on you. Because it is going to weigh heavily on me and on every American family,” she said, adding: “You don’t need to do any work to operationalize. You need to make a commitment to the American people so they come in to get tested. You can operationalize the payment structure tomorrow.”

He then caved in. “I think you’re an excellent questioner, so my answer is yes,” Redfeld said.