Congressman Ken Buck dares Biden to swing by his office and take his AR-15 (VIDEO)

U.S. Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) has an AR-15 in his office, and he's not shy about it.

He uploaded a video to social media on Friday, daring Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to come up to his office and take it out of his hands.

Many people are viewing this as a threat at worst, and a lunatic marketing tactic at best. We think it's both.

Just to give you an idea of who this guy is, he's no ordinary Republican. Just a few days ago, only two Republicans in the entire House of Representatives voted against emergency funding for the coronavirus. He's one of them. His reasoning? Congress was spending too much money to combat the virus. Luckily, it passed 415-2, and President Trump ultimately signed it.

This also isn't Congressman Buck's first controversial message on AR-15's. He has previously defended the sale of highly-specialized weapon in order to shoot small animals.

“The AR-15 is a gun that is used in my district by farmers and ranchers to shoot pests, raccoons, or foxes or other smaller animals that are trying get into their chickens or disrupt their operations.”

Why you need an AR-15 to shoot pests is beyond comprehension, but apparently people in Colorado seem to think they do. In the mean time, that thing is sitting on his wall for everyone to see while Congress does nothing about gun control.