Rep. Cummings calls out GOP lies on hearing, brings Cohen to tears in fiery speech (VIDEO)

House Oversight Committee chair Elijah Cummings just adjourned their Q & A session with disgraced former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on Wednesday, but before he did he gave quite the impassioned speech.

The fiery speech even made Michael Cohen tear up a bit and get pretty emotional. Everyone who saw it couldn't help but notice.

In it, he calls out Republicans and the Trump administration for their vicious attacks on Cohen and their repeated lies.

Chairman Cummings: "I'm tired of people coming in hear and saying, 'Oh, this is the first hearing.' It is not the first hearing! The first hearing was in regards to prescription drugs. Remember, a little girl sat just over there, a lady sat over there, her daughter died because she could not get $333 a month in insulin. That was our first hearing!

"Second hearing: HR1 voting rights. Corruption in government! Come on now! We can do more than one thing! And we have got to get back to normal!"

This is one summation that you'll just have to watch!