BREAKING: Congress Overrides Trump, Invites Golden State Warriors To The U.S. Capitol

The United States Congress has just invited the Golden States Warriors to the U.S. Capitol to celebrate the team's NBA championship.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep Barbara Lee(D-Calif) decided to override President Trump's decision to not invite them to the White House, making it the first time Congress has ever taken over the tradition for a sitting U.S. president.

"In celebration of your victory, we would be delighted to welcome you publicly as a team or personally as families to the United States Capitol. Please consider this as a blanket invitation whenever your individual schedules allow,” the congresswomen said in a letter sent to the Warriors.
Truth be told, before Trump went on the record and said they wouldn't be invited, Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Stephen Curry of the Warriors already indicated that they would be choosing not to visit the White House.

Shortly afterwards, Trump said he wouldn't invite them but that decision had already been made by the teams.

"I didn't invite LeBron James, and I didn't invite Steph Curry. We're not gonna invite either team. But we have other teams that are coming."

The Golden State Warriors ends up winning the championship after the statements were made, sweeping the Cavs 4-0.

“With your third title in the last four years, the Golden State Warriors have once again dazzled America with your outstanding performance on the court and inspired leadership off the court,” Lee and Pelosi said.
Both Pelosi and Lee represent the Francisco Bay Area, where the Warriors call home.

Trump also made headlines last week when he uninvited the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Here's Pelosi giving a House floor speech honoring the Warriors: