CNN's Chris Cuomo threatens guy in New York after being called "Fredo" (VIDEO)

CNN's Chris Cuomo didn't like being called a derogatory name in New York yesterday.

The video is just now being released.

An unidentified man approached him and called him "Fredo," an insulting name and fictional character on "The Godfather" that's not very popular.

Chris, from a proud Italian family, and likely a fan of the movie, is very offended by this and immediately starts going off on him. He used threatening language: "I'll f***in' ruin your sh*t. I'll f***in' throw you down these stairs."

Cuomo told the guy that being called Fredo was like using the n-word to African-Americans.

While we agree it is very insulting, we think Chris went overboard in this scenario.

Some background info: The unidentified guy is clearly lying when he says he didn't recognize Chris. In the video he says: "you're a much more reasonable guy in person than you seem to be on television."

Also: He actually stopped him for a photo and had the camera running and ready. So, yes, a setup that Chris didn't do very well in.

We're sharing this for two reasons:

1) Cuomo was likely set up and

2) it's being shared wildly all over social media. Considering this is still very breaking, we're positive this is going to be everywhere in a matter of hours.

So, what do you think? The Godfather is one of the most popular films of all time. Fredo is not a nice term to Italians. Do you agree with Chris on this or did he go too overboard by threatening to throw the guy down a flight of stairs?