Church leaders praise God for allowing Trump to take 6 million people off food stamps (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump kicked off his "Evangelicals for Trump" coalition at the El Rey Jesus Church in Miami on Friday.

Just before he gave a speech, he was surrounded by Christian faith leaders who praised him in a number of ways while he stood on stage in front of everyone.

The group prayed to the "Heavenly father" and thanked the Almighty God for a number of things, including oddly, removing "6 million people from food stamps to the dignity of work" during Trump's tenure so far in the White House.

It was a disgusting sight to see.

During the prayer, it was also asked that Trump not get negative press on television, as if God somehow cared about how good the President of the United States image was during a re-election year.

A few facts regarding that 6 million number: Trump's administration recently proposed rule changes that could cause millions of poor people to lose access to food stamps and millions more will receive less benefits overall.

The Urban Institute released a study of the rule changes and found that 3.7 million fewer people would receive the benefits in an average month, while 2.2 million households would see their average monthly benefits drop by more than $127.

In America there are an estimated 36 million Americans currently relying on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program. This is a significant cut.

The church leaders somehow think that taking people off food stamps means that they can all of a sudden work, but that's not the reality. In fact, the program started in 1964 not as a welfare program, but to relieve farmers of their surplus crops and “provide for improved levels of nutrition among low-income households.” Also, many people just need transitional help in between jobs where they might have been laid off.

You can watch the entire event below: