Chinese Factory Making Flags For Trump's 2020 Campaign

Someone is responsible for ordering a ton of flags (hundreds of thousands) from a Chinese factory for Trump's 2020 campaign.

So far, the campaign has yet to respond to a report coming out of NPR to deny their involvement, and its been two days since the story officially broke. What's taking them so long?

"We also make flags for Trump for 2020," Li Jiang told NPR's "The Indicator" podcast. "It seems like he has another campaign going on in 2020. Isn't that right?"

Why is this story so significant? Well, for one, the committee organizing Trump's campaign, Donald J. Trump for President Inc., has already gone on the record saying that it would only "buy American" and that all of its merchandise would be "produced and manufactured right here in America."

The committee said "we put America first and take great pride in selling 100% Made in the USA products to our supporters throughout the country."

So, if not them, who is behind the making of all of Trump's flags? It's unknown at this point, but it could very well be from big backers of Trump or the campaign itself. It'd be hard for them not to be affiliated with Trump's re-election efforts given the sheer amount of flags being produced.

The Chinese factory owned by a man called Li Jiang makes about 3 million flags a month and said that so many more Trump flags than Clinton flags were produced by him back in 2016 that locals joked they knew he'd become president.

Li spoke up about the potential American trade war with China, caused by the man he helped elect with his flags:

"We are not so worried because first of all, we have a big price advantage over our competitors," he said. "And our clients are very smart. They would always go to the cheapest place. If China is cheap, they go to China. If America is cheap, they go to America."
Whenever Trump's campaign responds to this story, we will update the article.