BREAKING: U.S. Army Kicking Out Immigrant Soldiers Before Giving Them Citizenship As Promised

The U.S. Army is quietly discharging immigrants that joined its forces, The Associated Press is reporting.

A lot of the members were complaining that they did not know why they were being let go, and were being labeled "security risks" shortly before they were expecting to receive citizenship papers.

"It was my dream to serve in the military,” said reservist Lucas Calixto, a Brazilian immigrant who filed a lawsuit against the Army last week. “Since this country has been so good to me, I thought it was the least I could do to give back to my adopted country and serve in the United States military.”

Immigration attorneys say that they know of dozens of such cases already. They further claimed that the "uncharacteristic discharges" they were receiving wouldn't guarantee their ability to stay in the United States anymore.

Recently, President Trump introduced a new "zero-tolerance" policy that aims to re-look how the United States prosecutes people who enter the country illegally. It seems to also be affecting the level of immigrants allowed to serve.

While the Associated Press just reported on this, NPR briefly talked about this same issue a few weeks back. They further stated that kicked out members will most likely end up facing reprisals from their old countries if sent back for swearing allegiance to the United States.

"Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said earlier this year that he'd been assured by the Department of Homeland Security that it would not deport MAVNI recruits. Hundreds were given an extension of their status. But according to sworn statements by Luo's recruiting officers, he was left out of that extension by mistake. Stock says if he's deported back to China, he's in danger."

The policy fits in nicely with President Trump's demand that Congress pass laws making sure that undocumented immigrants and asylum-seekers be deported without due process, which he says is too "long and costly" a process.