BREAKING: Trump Talking About Sending Tens of Thousands More Troops To The Border

If you thought it was asinine that President Trump was sending 5,000 American soldiers to the Mexican border, you're going to really hate what he's talking about now.

On Tuesday, Trump told a group of reporters that he's thinking of upping that previous number by more than 3 times. He says, that in addition to the border patrol that is already there, as Commander-in-Chief, he may just send 15,000 more.

As of now, we don't know how many will officially be sent, but Trump is trying to derail a caravan of immigrants moving their way from Guatemala.

Given the fact that they are no where near the U.S./Mexican border, and the main caravan is moving so slowly, why is Trump wanting to send so many troops?

Right now, the whole thing looks to be one giant show of force for his supporters for the midterm elections.

Many are saying that even 5,000 troops is too much. Retired Army General David McGinnis says the military shouldn't be used for this type of situation.

Trump was even called out for it by conservative host Laura Ingraham:

"What's the military going to be able to do? Obama and Bush sent in the national guard. It had no effect."

Trump's response? "They're not me. I'm sending up the military."