BREAKING: Now That Dems Win House, Trump Has To Hand Over His Tax Returns

Now that Democrats have effectively won control of the United States House of Representatives, as has been called by NBC News and Fox News, MSNBC is stating that they have sources saying that the House Ways and Means Committee will force President Trump to hand over his tax returns, and nobody, not even the Senate, can stop them.

Per MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi is also in on the deal, saying she has no plans to stop it.

The House Ways and Means Committee Chair has the power to request anyone's tax returns, and while they won't necessarily be made public, they will have access to them.

Also - now that Democrats control the House, they will be unleashing new investigative powers.

This is a big issue: Trump has unilaterally refused to release his tax returns since running as a candidate for president, even though he promised to several times. Now, he will have no choice but to hand them over.