BREAKING: John Kelly Just Opened Up About Leaving Trump, Along With Other High-Profile Staff

President Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly is openly complaining about how the White House is such "a miserable place to work."

Kelly told a group of visiting Senators this last week according to a report on Sunday by the New York Times. Given this, Kelly and other high-profile aides aren't sure how much longer they can stay working for President Trump.

Kelly has taken on such a lesser role, that his new deputy chief of staff, Zachary Fuentes, has been filling in for a lot of his job duties. This has earned him quite a mocking among his colleagues: he's known around the White House as "deputy president."

Kelly has been in the job for less than a year, and is already Trump's second chief of staff - he hasn't been president for a full two years yet even.

Denis McDonough, the last chief of staff under former President Obama, stayed on for his entire second term, lasting four years. His quality of life surely must have been better.

The Times didn't give any indication on when Kelly's exit might be but just reported that he and others were burned-out, particularly because the president doesn't listen to advice anymore, he prefers to only take his own opinion into consideration.

It's said that Kelly has already threatened to quit. According to a senior administration official, Kelly blew up at Trump during an Oval Office meeting not that long ago even.

Per Axios:

"Kelly often says he doesn't have to be there and didn't seek the job originally."

Things got so tense that Kelly was reported to have packed up his personal belongings but not "necessarily because he was walking out."

It even escalated to the point where office colleagues got allies of his to call him in his office to calm him down. DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is said to have been one of those people, and the person who was most influential at keeping him at bay.

Keep in mind: this isn't the first time Kelly has threatened to walk out on Trump. He has also reportedly used the prospect of quitting multiple times in order to get leverage over Trump, saying that since the president didn't listen to him he might as well leave.