BREAKING: GOP Confirming Kavanaugh Right After Sexual Assault Hearing, Say They Don't Care

Republicans are voting for Judge Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States just one day after the hearing scheduled for Thursday, where we will see Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh himself testify to the sexual assault allegations.

Republicans are saying they will hear her out, but are expecting to confirm Kavanaugh anyways on Friday, the very next day.

While Senate Majority Leader McConnell has made statements to this effect, we now have confirmation that the vote will take place immediately afterwards.

The latest buzz surrounding the upcoming Kavananaugh hearing, in addition to the many assault claims coming in, as well as witnesses that allege Kavanaugh is lying about several things not related to the assaults, is that Republicans are hiring a "female assistant" to question Ford.

Speculation is that the male senators would prefer not to be seen in a harsh light for interrogating her, and would rather a female do the dirty work.

McConnell says regardless of what happens, "I believe he will be confirmed." He went on to say that even though he hired a female assistant, "just because you're a male, doesn't mean you're not qualified."

Republicans are coming under the most amount of criticism for fast-tracking the confirmation, and not letting all of Kavanaugh's accusers attend the hearing. It's important to note that the identity of this third accuser, reprsented by famed attorney Michael Avenatti has still not been revealed. No telling if it will stop Republicans from craming through a vote beforehand.

The vote by Republicans will come at 9:30 in the morning, too, making it less than 24 hours after they heard testimony.