BREAKING: Trump And U.S. To Be Excluded From The G7 Summit Agreement

The G7 summit, otherwise known as the "Group of Seven," the countries with the seven largest advanced economies in the world, are warning President Trump that they are planning to come to an agreement without him and the United States.

The summit is to meet on Friday, June 8, in La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada.

French President Emmanuel Macron first sounded the alarm, saying on Twitter that the countries should not rule it out based on Trump's behavior. He sent the tweet out in French, but we will translate for you:

"The will to have a text signed by 7 countries must not be stronger than the content of that text. On principle, we must not rule out a 6+1 agreement." #G7Charlevoix

Immediately after Macron sent this out, CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto remarked:

"Remarkable: as G7 faces existential threat from Russia, French President says 6 members are willing make a summit statement without US participation or agreement."

This is practically unheard of, and the ramifications on the United States economy would be considerable. Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, along with the United States command 46% of the world's net worth. Excluding the U.S. from the decision making process is probably something the Trump administration didn't consider.

This whole ordeal started when Trump decided to place tariffs on Canada's aluminum and steel, saying it was justified because of "national security" reasons.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called this "laughable."

President Macron teamed up with Trudeau to slam Trump’s tariffs, agreeing that it was an “inappropriate excuse.”

They also issued a warning that the plan would backfire, saying ultimately that U.S. jobs would be the most impacted.

“American jobs are on the line because of his actions and because of his administration,” Trudeau said at the joint news conference. “When we can underscore this, and we see that there’s a lot of pressure within the U.S., perhaps he will revise his position.”

Macron picked up where he left off:

“A trade war doesn’t spare anyone,” he said. “It will start to hurt American workers, the cost of raw materials will rise and industry will become less competitive.”

Trump is still going to the summit, but it looks like the United States could be left out of the deal.